Beef fillet with fine black truffle


  • Fillet of beef (4 x 200 gr): 800 gr
  • Black truffle: 200 gr
  • Truffle butter or butter: 150 gr
  • Black truffle flavored olive oil
  • Salt and pepper
  • flour
  • Milk


Melt half the butter in a pan and add the 4 slices of fillet already salted and peppered. Fry the meat over medium heat for three minutes on each side and then remove the slices from the pan. To the remaining stock add the butter and half of the grated truffle. Fry for a few seconds then add a spoonful of flour. After frying for a few seconds, add the milk until a cream with the consistency of bechamel forms. Add the meat to the pan and heat all together for a couple of seconds. Serve on hot plates and grate the remaining truffle on top of the fillets.